Shop for good to aid better education for generations to come

As part of its centenary celebration, Sanlam’s new through-the-line campaign – launched last month – gives South Africans the opportunity to shop for good.  While many of us assume SA schools have the essentials necessary to provide positive learning spaces for children, this is simply not the case.

Part of a succession of campaigns that tie into Sanlam’s theme for 100 years – for generations to come – Shop for Good empowers the public to contribute to giving learners the supplies they need to make learning easier in Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools. By simply browsing through the digital catalogue of school supplies, people can make a cash donation or shop online for classroom essentials. When you shop, you won’t be buying the actual items. Instead, all proceeds will go towards creating supportive learning spaces in Sanlam Blue Ladder Schools – from providing stationery supplies to improving basic facilities such as bathrooms, every cent counts. The project has already uplifted 71 693 learners in 75 schools.

To build awareness for Shop for Good, Stormers captain Siya Kholisi recently revisited his old school in the Eastern Cape, “I loved school because it was where I could play sports and be with my friends. It’s where my love for sport really began. I believe education is important because the more educated you are, the better the person you become – you also make better decisions. Growing up, I wanted to be a doctor, so it was important for me to do maths. I believe a good maths education can help you in a lot of different ways. For instance, you can start your own business just by knowing maths. My school contributed to the person I am today – it motivated me to succeed.”

Kholisi has always had a particular affinity for maths, which is another reason Shop for Good resonated with him. Blue Ladder Schools aims to improve maths numeracy by partnering with non-profit organisations that specialise in building maths proficiency. Additionally, the project improves school spaces to make them more conducive for learning. Conceptualised by King James, Shop for Good provides a novel way for the public to engage with this effort.

Graeme McCree, Creative Director at King James says, “We know that a lot of South Africans take for granted that schools have the essentials their learners need. We wanted to create a CSI campaign with a difference, one that stood out from what we’re used to seeing, one that’s bright, colourful, optimistic. So we created a way for South Africans to Shop for Good by showing them the ideal classroom, bathroom or playground and giving them quick and easy ways to donate via a catalogue and an online shop. By showcasing the items schools need, we hope to make a real difference in children’s lives.”

Mariska Oosthuizen, Sanlam head of brand, says that Shop for Good exemplifies the ‘for generations to come’ theme for Sanlam’s 100th birthday, “As WealthsmithsTM, we want to build things that have enduring value. Everything we do, have done and will do as a company is with the intent of making the world a better place for others to inherit. This means addressing education head-on. The Shop for Good initiative encourages South Africans to donate towards the essentials schools need to be safe and supportive places of learning. It encourages everyone to get involved.

By shopping for good, we can collectively secure a better education for our children for generations to come.”

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