Lemaitre launches new brand positioning

Lemaitre Safety Footwear, part of the BBF Safety Group, briefed Boomtown to bring a fresh appeal to its brand, build awareness and place its safety footwear in the target market’s consideration set.

Following in-depth research, the team uncovered an insight amongst the target market: ‘hard work is universal’. From this one key insight, Boomtown centered the Lemaitre brand positioning and subsequent campaign around this.

From the above insight, and also the incredible culture that exists within the Lemaitre factory itself, the tagline ‘from one worker to another’ emerged. “Within the brand visuals you see the connection between the Lemaitre worker with the wearer of the Lemaitre footwear,” remarks Boomtown Account Director, Lauren McNish. “By showing one passionate craftsperson placing care and attention into the making of Lemaitre safety shoes, next to another individual wearing the footwear in order to fulfil their job we are able to humanise the brand and provide a true reflection of the individuals behind the product.”

For the brand re-positioning, Boomtown developed the corporate identity and the execution for the brand, shot new visuals to express the new positioning, and rolled all elements out across the new Lemaitre website, catalogues, emailers, price lists, spec sheets and advertising collateral.

“Our brand needed to evolve with our wearer,” remarks BBF Safety Group Marketing Manager, Peter Gerbrandt. “It has been an incredible journey working with the Boomtown team on our brand, and to see the final product come to life has been inspiring.

“Lemaitre is a trusted brand in the safety shoe category and our new positioning elevates our status further, and more importantly reflects the unique culture behind the brand itself with dedicated workers and a significant local supply chain bringing a world class, proudly South African product to the market.”




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