The value of a quality online advertising environment

SPARK Media has always touted the value that advertisers get by advertising in quality online environments. A new study overseas proves that these quality online environments are actually 42% more cost effective.

“This recent study conducted by GroupM UK and Newsworks is what many publishers have been waiting for and what we’ve always said,” says Ashleigh Footit, Head of Techops at SPARK Media.

The study offers proof that ads appearing in quality online environments are 42% more cost effective for advertisers based on levels of engagement, viewability, above the fold placement and dwell time*.

Caxton CTP Publishers represented by SPARK Media have their Private Market Place (PMP), Ignition Sell, which offers advertisers just that, the opportunity to appear in a quality online environment. Ignition Sell comprises of over 90 Caxton owned or part-owned online publications. These include Guzzle, Local News Network (79 Local newspaper websites), All4Women, Caxton Magazines (12 lifestyle websites), Private Property and Autodealer.

“Instead of buying placement on the open market where low quality environments are often a norm (the study found that 48% of measurable ads on the open exchange were never actually seen), buyers can access PMP’s like Ignition Sell where quality is a priority because Caxton CTP Publishers have a large team of editors and journalists ensuring that the integrity and credibility of content that is curated and created is never compromised. This is done in the best interest of both consumers and advertisers,” concludes Footit.

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