Boomtown delivers refreshed CI for Mertech Marine

Following the development of a comprehensive communication strategy for Mertech Marine, Boomtown has reimagined the company’s corporate identity with a refreshed look that does justice to its modern, relevant service offerings.

Mertech Marine’s diversified business includes worldwide cable recovery and recycling, shore-end services, cable storage and handling, depot clearance and route clearance.

Boomtown’s brand design team of Senior Designers Nick de Beer and Gareth Rathbone were tasked to create a CI that does justice to its impressive track record – to date, Mertech Marine has recovered and recycled in excess of 100 000km of cable – as well as its portfolio of out-of-service submarine telecommunication cables which will be recovered for recycling and, in certain instances, re-use. This portfolio spans the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian and Pacific oceans and includes iconic, historic and now out-of-service cables such as TAT-1, SAT-1 and China-US.

According to Boomtown Group Account Director, Mark Momberg, the full suite of corporate identity elements included letterheads, business cards, email signatures, poster designs, brochures, print and digital advertisements, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram posts), outdoor media, corporate gifting, iconography, and website.

Design Director, Jesse Sharkie, explained that, when developing the new CI, the team took inspiration from the underwater cables. In addition, a cross-section of the cables revealed distinctive circular shapes, which were simplified to create simple, effective, and meaningful shapes to be used in the Mertech Marine branding, he said.

The result is a future-focussed look that also contains a reference to the circular economy, an environmental message, and the focus of Mertech’s business, Sharkie said.

He added: “It was, and is, an absolute pleasure to work with Alwyn du Plessis and his team. They are not only passionate about the direct removal of out-of-service cables from our ocean floor but have found a way to close the circle and recycle them and reintroduce them to the market. Boomtown is proud to have created a corporate identity that aptly represents Mertech’s brand and ultimate mission.”

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