According to Justin Duveen, CEO of Hubble, their vision is to use innovative technology to entertain and inspire new adventures for Uber riders. “We, at Hubble, are excited to make a difference to the lives of Uber riders and their hard working driver-partners and, after months of dedication and late nights, we successfully launched in a select number of driver-partner vehicles on the 1st of September 2016. Shortly thereafter, we were approached by Uber for a collaboration, and in December 2016 we signed a contract appointing Hubble as Uber’s preferred in-vehicle interactive entertainment partner in South Africa.”

Hubble offers brands the unique opportunity to tap into a captive audience, with new interactive touchscreens being installed into selected driver-partner vehicles. The screens showcase the best the city has to offer and provides passengers with information and entertainment options including news, local comedy such as Suzelle DIY minisodes, and local music talent from Jimmy Nevis and Khuli Chana.

Bruce Burgess, MD of Posterscope Sub-Saharan Africa, a leading out-of-home media agency, says that Hubble’s interactive digital platform offers cutting edge technology and innovative opportunities to brands looking to cut through the out-of-home market and that the medium “stands out because it is focussed on adding value to both audience and advertiser. It is very much in line with what our expectation is for the future of out-of-home”.

Some of South Africa’s most innovative blue chip brands including Discovery, Old Mutual, and Hugo Boss agree with Burgess’ comments and have already signed-up and successfully flighted campaigns on the system. Advertisers have received engagement levels of between 10% and 17% on their campaigns which, when compared to the average engagement levels of online campaigns of just 0,2%, is a phenomenal return on investment.

According to Diveshan Moodley, special projects for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Uber is very excited about this collaboration as “it meets many of our overall company objectives such as improving rider experiences inside driver-partners’ vehicles by providing complete user-controlled entertainment.”

During December 2016, Hubble launched in Johannesburg and will continue to roll out screens across South Africa during 2017.

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