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Keshia Patchiappen, newly appointed Director and partner at Condriac Digital Communications agency explains that it was the processes and attention to detail that attracted her to the opportunity.

“Agencies often try and fit a square shape into a round hole; but at Condriac we’re different – we’re looking at individuals who don’t have specific qualifications but a certain mindset, a love of data, creativity and passion.”

Keshia is a big fan of using data to inform Condriac’s strategies across the board. She feels that data is underutilised in the communications sphere and that companies do not yet understand or appreciate the importance of data analytics in their business.

Keshia Patchiappen

Another important aspect of the agency life that Keshia is a huge proponent of is understanding how the data relates to a each individual client and the importance of avoiding cut and paste strategies and plans. Each client is completely unique with their own set of challenges and problems – which need to be solved by unique thinking that Keshia and her team at Condriac are eager to provide.

Keshia says what attracted her to the opportunity at Condriac was the attitude of founder and managing partner Gary Meyer – “Gary had a unique point of view when looking at problems that clients were facing, his creative point of view along with a meticulous attention to detail, and data-driven solutions was refreshing to me, and inspired me to look at things differently in the agency space?”

If there’s one thing that Condriac’s Directors believe in is a data first approach. Gary explained: “A data first approach moves away from traditional thinking in the advertising industry. Rather than just selling a big idea we sell the process to get the big idea done right. Using this approach will get clients more value for money, and allow us to spend less time on optimization. We’re working in a space where change is constant and trends are evolving dynamically, and we work hard to ensure our clients are ready to tackle these changes head on.”

Condriac believes that the agency industry is lagging behind – serving great content to the wrong people, or average content to the right people, however as time goes on agencies will understand the important role that data plays, moving away from the current model where agencies try to fit their ideas to client needs. The new model will be looking at data combined with analytics and client needs and creating a heuristic plan that addresses everything.

As for now, Condriac seem to be a step ahead of the pack in terms of processes and fully using data for exceptional work.

About Condriac:

We’re a full service digital agency who specialise in communications, programmatic lead generation, public relations, social media and web development. We’re in the business of seamlessly bridging the gap between you and the consumer.

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