365 Digital launches new website

South African publisher solutions business, 365 Digital, launched their new website (www.365digital.co.za) this week.

The site, designed by sister company Mark1 Labs who also created the entire 365 Digital visual identity, is a showcase of all the services that 365 Digital now offers. The website will continue to evolve and expand as more resources and publishers are added.

After being acquired by Mark1 in 2016, 365 Digital received a new website, but the team, which has grown aggressively since the acquisition, felt the site needed an overhaul to reflect the standard of the new and improved 365 Digital.

“The website was designed taking in to consideration the target market of 365 Digital, The Advertiser and The Publisher. We created a user journey from the home page, posing the question: Who are you? Advertiser / Publisher. That allowed us to effectively create two websites with separate journeys and content that spoke to two different needs, allowing 365 Digital to provide solutions without confusing the user with an overabundance of information.” – Brendan Sterley, Creative Director, Mark1 Labs.

With this in mind, Mark1 Labs kept the user experience simple and clean, highlighting the most important services and creating ‘explainer’ videos to deep dive some of the more complicated terminology and processes.

“The only thing that’s constant is change… how appropriate for the digital media industry! With innovation and new developments being in a perpetual state of change, companies in the digital media industry have to stay on the top of things to ensure success. We understand this and as such have focused ours services and products on those that really matter to the South African Publishers and Advertisers.” – Julian Jordaan, Commercial Director, 365 Digital

For more information contact 365 Digital: info@365digital.co.za

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