Brand Council South Africa announces fourth industry-wide research survey – Brand Barometer

Brand Council South Africa is extremely excited to announce the undertaking of its fourth industry-wide research survey, aptly named the Brand Barometer!  Columinate, an independent research company, is conducting research on behalf of the Brand Council SA.

The objective is strongly focused on assessing the state of the branding industry in South Africa. The Brand Barometer will focus on four main areas to gain some meaningful insights and will highlight any issues that need attention. These areas of focus include brand measurements and how brands measure ROI, schools and academics within the industry, factors influencing pricing, consultants and benchmark pricing, and finally, transformation in the workplace, the MAC charter, and talent.

This survey is aimed at stakeholders from brand agencies (advertising, design, digital, PR, and marketing strategy) and academia (regulation, training institution on an executive, managerial, or faculty level), to brand management (managers, directors, and CEOs), and brand measurement (research bodies, marketing and communication bodies, and individual researchers).

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