Why you should be thinking about furthering your education!


Contemporary workplace environments would probably be unrecognisable to yester-year’s employees, because – aside from gigantic indoor slides and ‘nap rooms’ – job titles and roles are constantly changing to keep up with ever-evolving marketplace demands.

From game development to fashion technology and trend analysis, there are more career avenues to pursue and keep up with then there were even 10 years ago, which means that anyone hoping to fill these new and exciting roles needs to consider upskilling to stay ahead of the career curve.

Enrolling for a short course is a great way to up your game in your own field or profession, or even to take that brave step to change direction completely. The Gamification in Brand Building short course available at Vega, for example, takes just 16 weeks to complete with two classes per week. A course like this equips anyone from agency up-and-comers to corporate climbers with useful development skills to add value to businesses and integrated campaigns.

For those more serious gaming enthusiasts and developers there is  The IIE BCIS degree in Game Design and Development available at Vega. This degree programme is designed to equip students with the skills and insight necessary to make their way into this growing and lucrative industry. The course offers entry into exciting career avenues, such as User Experience Design and Narrative Development, which are just two of the sought-after skillsets in the gaming industry.

Game developers are in increasingly high demand as the consumer market for games continues to rise. According to a 2015 study, the social and casual gaming industry is expected to grow in value to R1.94 billion by 2019, followed by console gaming, which will account for R865 million of the total gaming market, making this just one of the increasingly lucrative and rewarding career avenues that is becoming more accessible.

The gamification trend has even made its way into internal recruitment processes at some of the country’s biggest companies. According to the ‘2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trend – Rewriting the rules for the digital age’ study, leaders have recognised the important role that technology plays in attracting the industry’s top talent, and are increasingly using video content and games to engage with potential candidates.

“Employees are increasingly expected to bring a certain level of industry insight and a range of skills to their roles at companies, which is why it is so vital that they make further education a top priority,” says Fiona Peake, Communications Navigator at Vega. “Everyone, regardless of their age, interests and profession, should seize the opportunity to learn more and, in the process, gain the competitive edge in the job market.”

Other career options available after Vega’s recent expansion include IIE qualifications in photography, graphic design, copywriting, interior and fashion design.

“The IIE qualifications offered for study at Vega are designed to equip students or professionals with the practical skills they need to be able to tackle real industry briefs, focusing on the development of sought after competencies in problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity,” says Peake. “Vega is also known for its unique and exciting campus experience, which was designed with students’ needs in mind.”

The IIE qualifications available are suited to any individual who wants to further their education in the creative, strategic or business fields. IIE offerings at Vega range from a variety of industry-leading short courses that are ideal for busy professionals who want to add a new skill to their repertoire, to undergraduate and postgraduate BA and BCom degrees. short courses.

Whether you’re looking to discover a new passion, future proof your job or start a new career, Vega offers world-class IIE degrees in Brand Communication, Design or Brand Management. Applications for IIE qualifications available at Vega are open for 2018. Visit www.vegaschool.com for more information.

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