Sprout Wins Google Bonanza

Sprout Performance Media Partners is celebrating after it recently won the Google Bonanza for its efforts in increasing its ad extension adoption rates.

Extensions expand digital ads with additional information, which usually increases an ad’s click-through-rate substantially, because the ad will then attract greater visibility and prominence on the search results page. Extension formats include like call buttons, location information, additional links, and additional text, etc. Ultimately, extensions maximise the performance of text ads.

Slade Reyneke, Paid Search Campaign Manager at Sprout explained the key benefits of this to both the agency and its clients. He shared, “Ad extensions expand your existing paid search ads by providing relevant content to consumers. Plus, well executed ad extensions can help in giving people a reason to choose your business over another.”

By winning the Beanbag Bonanza, Sprout has ensured that each campaign across all its clients, has active sitelinks, structured snippets and callouts. Sitelinks assist in directing people to specific parts of a website, such as an end of season sale, whereas callouts and structured snippets allow additional information to be communicated, e.g. the top brands within the business or free delivery notifications.

Slade added, “Not only do ad extensions improve the user experience for consumers, but they also play a big role in improving the quality score of digital ads, allowing the brand to rank higher in the ad auction with the same bid. The result is more clicks at a cheaper cost. At Sprout, we aim to keep our campaigns up-to-date with all of Google Adwords’ offerings so that our clients remain some of the top performing brands on paid search.”

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