TLC’s Salon Media gives Antistax a boost

Hair stylists and their customers share a special bond, they tell each other almost everything. Loyalty between stylist and customer is also very strong, so it stands to reason that advertising in this close knit environment offers great returns.

 “Advertising in salons through our Salon Media business offers advertisers a non-intrusive form of brand recognition that really sticks,” says Greg Bruwer, TLC’s Managing Director. “We teamed up with research company FGI to provide us with a snapshot of pre and post campaign awareness for Antistax, an over the counter treatment for restless legs and CVI (Chronic Venous Insufficiency).

With customers visiting their salon on average 3 times in 8 weeks, 47% of customers found the information advertised in salons as ‘very valuable’.”

107 Respondents were interviewed in salons in Johannesburg and Pretoria with data captured electronically through hand held devices.

When prompted, 58% of customers said they noticed advertising for Antistax within salons. The majority of the respondents (91%) particularly in the pre-test, were unaware of the CVI condition. That figure dropped substantially in the post test to 77%. “FGI confirmed that at post campaign stage awareness of the CVI condition as well as the product Antistax grew substantially in the post-test results,” says Greg. “The campaign had been in salons for a month, a comparatively short period of time, ) when the post-test was conducted.

This coupled with the fact that customers are at the Salon only on average three times in eight weeks proves that Salon Media has had a very positive effect on the awareness of Antistax and the CVI condition in such a short period of time.”TLC Unlimited

TLC (Targeted Lifestyle Communication) introduced the concept of washroom advertising to the South African market in 1996, and has since become the sole player in this media arena offering a plethora of in-mall and washroom advertising platforms such as standard and talking frames, cubicle wraps and treadmill branding to mention a few. More recently, TLC has expanded its portfolio to include a number of new businesses which are housed in TLC Unlimited (under Primedia Unlimited) namely TLC; Salon Media; and Fitting Exposure. Visit or for more.

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