Ster-Kinekor releases the action-packed adventure film “Mile 22”

Betrayal, special operations and a race against time hit the BIG screen this September!

If you’re into gripping thrillers, central intelligence and heroes that you never get to read about, make sure you don’t miss the espionage of Mile 22. Actions fans are in for a treat and the movie releases at Ster-Kinekor cinemas on 7 September. So, make sure you’re first in line and book your tickets.

To add to the excitement, Ster-Kinekor is holding the Mile 22 competition where you stand a chance to win movie tickets for a year! To enter, simply email your ticket reference number to Bookings are now open, so what are you waiting for?

Mile 22 sees agent James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), who is the leader of an American black operations strike team code-named Overwatch, on a mission to infiltrate a Russian FSB safe house in the United States. Under the supervision of James Bishop (John Malkovich), Overwatch’s mission is to locate and destroy shipments of caesium, before the highly toxic substance can be weaponised to kill thousands of people. The team successfully kills the occupants of the safe house, and unbeknownst to Silva, he executes the son of a high-ranking official of the Russian government that has serious consequences later. Overwatch member Alice Kerr (Lauren Cohan) is wounded, but everyone escapes.

Sixteen months later, Indonesian Special Forces agent, Li Noor, surrenders himself at the U.S. embassy to negotiate for a passage out of the country in exchange for information. He reveals that a disc contains information regarding the last caesium. But the information on the disc is destroying itself and will be rendered useless in a few hours. Silva agrees to take Noor to an airplane, 22 miles away and betrayal follows.

Miles 22 is the perfect mix of dramatics, explosions, lies, ambush and close calls that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Remember to catch your breath, it is that riveting!

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