Linda Hächler named Executive Creative director at MetropolitanRepublic

Responding to strong business growth in Africa, MetropolitanRepublic founder and Chief Creative Strategist Paul Warner, is assuming a new role, now focusing on client business and strategic needs across four key hubs on the continent where the group has a growing presence.  Part of that process is identifying and recruiting key talent and the latest appointment is Linda Hächler, an additional Executive Creative Director who joins Kamogelo Sesing to run the creative team in Johannesburg.

Hächler brings a wealth of experience, having successfully conceptualised, produced, and directed digital content for global brands such as Coca-Cola Group, SAB, BMW, and Mondelez.

Previously leading notable campaigns and achieving acclaim for innovative social media work, Hächler’ s vision for the agency is clear: “Founder Paul Warner’s maverick-like spirit combined with Alison Deeb, CEO’s stable guidance has crafted an atmosphere of strategic ingenuity at MetropolitanRepublic. While we’re celebrated for our strategic vision and audacious ideas, my goal is to further hone our craft. I want our visual stories to be as powerful as our strategic narratives.”

Reflecting on changes in the advertising industry Hächler says: “The art of persuasion has evolved, driven by shifts in media consumption and a more discerning audience. We must innovate, to ensure our creative strategies resonate with this new age.”

As businesses increasingly prioritise creativity as a unique selling point, Hächler believes it’s crucial to disrupt the status-quo. In a radically shifting digital landscape, Hächler aims to strike the right balance between data-driven insights and raw creative instinct, ensuring that MetropolitanRepublic’s campaigns resonate emotionally with audiences.

Fostering a culture of innovation is paramount to Hächler: “My strategy revolves around three principles: curiosity, courage, and collaboration. This trinity will be the backbone of our creative pursuits, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of communication trends.”

She says the future of successful brand communication will be predicated on the need for authenticity and direct consumer interactions: “I foresee a greater reliance on visually perceptive media and a resurgence of guerrilla marketing tactics to capture the attention of an increasingly distracted culture.

“Our strategy will be to design personalised, engaging content and immersive consumer experiences. Our success lies in staying agile, positioning ourselves at the forefront of immerging technologies and prioritising genuine connections.”

Warner says: “Linda’s ability and vision align perfectly with where we see MetropolitanRepublic heading. Over the years I’ve identified great talent and many of those creative leaders now live and work all over the world. Linda fits that mould and is one of South Africa’s brightest young talents and fit for purpose in an ever-changing world of communication.

Alison Deeb, CEO of MetropolitanRepublic, says: “Linda’s track record speaks for itself. We are excited for this new chapter and have the utmost confidence that she will steer our creative endeavours with passion, insight, and innovation.”


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