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Do it once more with meaning!

Do it once more with meaning says Maggie Pronto, Media Strategist at The MediaShop We’ve heard it all before: “our consumers are distracted”; “they are multi screening”; “there is too much clutter”; “ad avoidance is on the rise”. Yes of course it’s all true but what are we as the advertising industry doing to change […]

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Debonairs Pizza takes it to a new level

Debonairs Pizza, South Africa’s most satisfying fast service restaurant according to the recently released South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi), has taken ‘it’ to a new level with another television commercial that taps into the social fabric of its core target market. Encouraging South Africans to try the brand-new On the Triple® offering, ‘Levels’ is […]

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Vega’s ‘Find your Purpose’ campaign captures the ageless relevance of creativity

 Cape Town-based creative agency, Utopia, delivers a ‘stealable’ creative campaign to create awareness of the Vega 2017 Open Day.  Vega, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), recently launched a creative campaign to raise awareness about its Open Day and IIE qualifications among high school students. Vega briefed Utopia, a creative […]

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Creative is the key to effective OOH

Often the most strikingly visible part of our environment, advertising can enlivena city and add something vital to one’s early-morning commute. While not every ad can light up an urban precinct like the immersive displays Samsung used in New York’s Times Square to debut its S8 and S8+, or thrill onlookers like Toyota’s 100-foot-tall billboard […]

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Boomtown #filledourstadium for the Southern Kings

The recent #fillourstadium campaign for the Southern Kings created did just that, as well as increasing awareness of the Southern Kings’ games and forging support for local rugby. Running from April 22nd through to May 22nd, Boomtown created an eye-catching campaign creative, and a social media campaign that gained local and national momentum. Piggy-backing on […]

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PAMS – the innovative Reading currency

With PAMS (Publisher Audience Measure Survey) in field this month, the PRC (Publisher Research Council) discusses the advantages of the survey’s inclusion of brands, large sample size, innovative flooding technique, multi-platform measurement and other highlights.  The purpose of PAMS is to provide an innovative “Gold Standard” Reader Audience Measurement founded on global best-practice and local […]

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