Vega’s ‘Find your Purpose’ campaign captures the ageless relevance of creativity

 Cape Town-based creative agency, Utopia, delivers a ‘stealable’ creative campaign to create awareness of the Vega 2017 Open Day.

 Vega, an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), recently launched a creative campaign to raise awareness about its Open Day and IIE qualifications among high school students.

Vega briefed Utopia, a creative agency based in Cape Town, to develop a campaign that generates interest around Vega’s unique approach to tertiary education and how it equips students with practical, creative and strategic skills they can use in the working world.

“Our brief to Utopia was to design a range of ‘stealable’ posters that high school learners would perceive as quirky and smart and be proud to stick up on their bedroom walls,” says Fiona Peake, Communications Navigator* at Vega. “This campaign really needed to resonate with millennials, while showing their parents that an IIE qualification offered at Vega could give them the edge in the professional world.”

Utopia created a series of marketing materials which ranged from posters and brochures to fact sheets, depicting William Shakespeare as ‘The Copywriter’, Frida Kahlo as ‘The Art Director’, Mahatma Ghandi as ‘The Strategist’, and Leonardo da Vinci as ‘The Designer’.

“Our idea was to reimagine the job descriptions in today’s world using images of well-known historic figures to show that, while times may change, there are some fundamental skills that will always remain relevant and continue to shape history,” says Carl Cardinelli, Managing and Creative Partner at Utopia.

Utopia used a ‘sliced’ visual treatment to create intrigue and ensure that Vega stood out from the many communications materials from other tertiary institutions all competing for learners’ attention on the notice boards, while also representing Vega’s disruptive presence as a tertiary institution in South Africa.

“This was a very effective campaign and concept that showcases Vega’s three faculties in light of its quirky, intelligent, contemporary nature. It demonstrates that finding your purpose and being part of a world-class institution that takes tertiary education seriously does not have to be boring,” says Peake.

Vega’s next Open Day for 2017 takes place on 5 August 2017 at Vega campuses nationwide, with applications for study in 2018 already open. Visit for more information on the variety of short courses, degrees and diplomas offered at Vega.

For details on the “Find your Purpose” campaign and to have a look at each of the poster designs, follow the link.


 Vega is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), providing students access to higher certificates and under grad and post grad degrees in design, brand communication and management at campuses across South Africa.

Vega’s approach to learning focuses on creating an academic environment that is based on experiential learning, and consists of interactive lectures, small lecture groups, the use of technology to enhance the educational space and ‘navigators’ who are passionate about their work and industries.



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