Studio Universal implements campaign with Transit Ads™


DStv channel Studio Universal has once again hopped onto Transit Ads™ platforms with a nationwide campaign that promotes the channel and the movies that are aired on it.

The messaging and the creative are being showcased on taxis, on TRANSIT.TV™ as well as in train stations. The brand continues to reap the benefits of Transit Ads™ solutions – access to the desired target market as well as reach, frequency, visibility and engagement are all objectives that are successfully met through this strategy.

The campaign incorporates a number of touchpoints along the commuter journey to ensure that there is engagement with the brand and the messaging, in an environment that is captive and has long dwell times. The combination of static branding as well as digital enhances brand assimilation and further cements brand affiliation.

For more information on how Transit Ads™ can take your brand messaging to the consumer, contact Hugh Wilson on 0861 776 826 or or DM @TransitAds_


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