Mall Ads™ implements campaign for Kids Boutique

A bespoke children’s clothing shop, Kids Boutique, engaged Mall Ads™ with the aim of creating brand awareness amongst the shoppers at Mall @ Reds.

Kids Boutique is a local business within the vicinity of Mall @ Reds and with no conflict of interest with the mall’s tenants, it embarked on a mall advertising campaign in order to drive feet through its doors.  Strategically placed Mall Talkers provided the opportunity for the brand to be visible, and to be kept top of mind, amongst its target audience.

Mall Talkers are offered across a carefully selected mall location base, delivering the best reach and frequency possible. These highly cost effective static media units are placed at key points of interruption across the shoppers’ mall journey and serve to attract, inform and educate shoppers.

For more information on how Mall Talkers can elevate your brand and bring shoppers to your store, contact John Faia on 0861 776 826 or email him on or go to and follow @ProvantageSA


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