24.com leads the way with multiple digital publishing properties ranking #1


Effective Measure’s mid-year audience data results* have been released and 24.com has far out-performed its competitors.  24.com brands top six of the fourteen categories, and take second place in a further two.

The results show News24 as the top news website for the first half of 2017.  The platform clocked a total of 6613960 Unique Browsers** (UBs), which is a lead of more than 2.9 million over its nearest competitor.  The News24 app ranks as the number one mobile property in South Africa with 4 275 135 UBs, an impressive lead of 3.2 million.

**Effective Measure defines Unique Browsers as: “Each web browser (or device) visiting an audited site is assigned a unique ID to help determine browser uniqueness. This metric displays the number of Unique Browsers that visited a site within the selected reporting period.”

Other impressive results for 24.com:

  • Sport24: leading sports website (1 639 323 UBs)
  • Fin24: leading business website (1 477 096 UBs)
  • W24: leading style and fashion website (634 236 UBs)
  • Health24: leading health and fitness website (1 131 887 UBs)

Channel24 and Traveller24 are ranked as number two in the arts and entertainment and travel website categories respectively.

In the mobile site category, the 24.com app offering stook five of the top ten spots as ranked by Unique Browsers.News24 and Sport24 ranked first and second; Fin24 and Channel24 fifth and sixth and Health24 took the tenth spot.

Says Andreij Horn, Head of 24.com: “It is very gratifying to see how many of our brands ranked either first or in a strong second place, because that speaks to our commitment to be useful to our readers in more ways than just the breaking news we are known for. The investment we make in quality journalism shows in the fact that just the audience in the News24 app is larger than the total audiences across all platforms of any of our competitors. We believe that an informed populace is the corner stone of a functioning democracy, which is why we continue to invest in more ways to put our readers in a position to form well-informed opinions about the society we live and operate in, like the live-streaming capability we have now added to the newsroom’s quiver. Our readers reward us with growing engagement, which our commercial partners also find useful. It is a great time to be in a digital business – challenging and rewarding.”

Last month it was also announced that Media24 had once again been named the best media company to work for by the annual SAGEA Employer Awards. These Awards recognise South Africa’s leading graduate employers and Media24 has taken this accolade five times in the last six years.

*Websites tagged with the Effective Measure tracking codes as measured by unique browsers on both PC and mobile between 1 January and 30 June 2017.

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