Nielsen Sports Data Reveals Impressive Viewership Growth of the Betway SA20 League

The Betway SA20, South Africa’s premier T20 cricket league, proudly celebrates a substantial surge in viewership, as revealed by Nielsen Sports South Africa, solidifying Betway SA20’s position as a premier cricketing spectacle. The impressive growth underscores the series’ widespread appeal and increasing popularity among sports enthusiasts. 

Nielsen Sports’ analysis of the first 19 fixtures of Betway SA20 Season Two has revealed some truly impressive results when compared to the same number of fixtures in the preceding season. DStv’s SuperSport has also played a pivotal role in this success by providing high-quality and engaging broadcasts to its audiences. After 19 matches, the Betway SA20 total unique audience witnessed an impressive 36% increase, encompassing both live and secondary audiences. Notably, secondary figures exclude SuperSport Blitz, underlining the organic growth of the viewership.

 The peak audience this season is a staggering 35% higher than the previous year. Compared to the same number of games in 2023, the average unique audience per live game has risen by 8%, showcasing the sustained appeal and attraction of Betway SA20.

 Consumption, which is a metric measured by the total number of broadcast hours viewed, reached an impressive 6.3 million viewing hours. This marks a substantial 49% increase compared to the same period in 2023, demonstrating outstanding broadcast quality among other factors.

 Tumelo Selikane, Managing Director of Nielsen Sports South Africa, expressed his thoughts on the outstanding performance of Betway SA20, stating, “After 19 matches, the BetwaySA20 tournament is showing significant audience growth, with live and secondary unique viewers up compared to 2023 – this is clearly a thumbs up to the cricket being played in this year’s event as well as the refreshing production delivery of the team from SuperSport.”

 He further added, “These compelling statistics affirm the league’s ability to capture the hearts of the sport’s enthusiasts, with Betway SA20 delivering not only thrilling cricket but also a production quality that resonates with television audiences, in much the same way as that experienced by attendees of the live event.”


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