Get On Track to Better and Celebrate with Inspiring SA Music

Music is synonymous with road trips – journeys made more memorable by the playlists that make reaching the destination so much more enjoyable. In South Africa, music is a unifier that brings people together, regardless of where their journeys might be taking them.

This power of music to unite is the inspiration behind a new project from the Halfway Group dubbed, “On Track to Better” – a partnership with several top South African musicians including J’Something, Zolani Mahola, Majozi and Qadasi & Maqhinga, that celebrates South Africa’s top music talent by inviting all South Africans to tune in for exclusive broadcasts , interviews with the artists and live music performances at selected dealerships in Gauteng, KZN and the Western Cape.

“On track to better” is a musical spectacle inspired by the people and beauty of South Africa. Halfway – a local mainstay that has been proudly in tune with South Africa since 1965 – is bringing the country’s top musical talent to selected Halfway dealerships in three provinces. The Artists will be delivering intimate “mini-concerts” to limited audiences. Details on how to become one of the lucky few to attend will be featured on the Halfway Group’s Facebook page and supporting social media channels.

Confirmed live performances during February and March 2024 include:

Halfway Toyota Fourways + Halfway Lexus Fourways JHB J’something 03-Feb-24
Halfway Toyota Ottery CPT Zolani Mahola 10-Feb-24
Halfway Ford Waterfall KZN Qadasi & Maqhinga 17-Feb-24
Halfway Port Shepstone KZN Zolani 24-Feb-24
Halfway Toyota Shelly Beach KZN Qadasi & Maqhinga 16-Mar-24
Halfway Toyota Honeydew JHB Majozi 23-Mar-24

In addition to the exclusive live performances, all South Africans are invited to listen out for the Halfway “On Track to Better” podcast on 947 and East Coast Radio, featuring CARaoke-style interviews with leading SA musicians across a spectrum of genres as they share the stories behind their music and their hopes for the country in support of the ongoing journey to better South Africa. SA’s premier “feelgood” website, Good Things Guy and leading music platform Texx & The City are joining the celebrations. Both will be featuring exclusive content and interviews, inspiring, uplifting and entertaining South Africans nationwide on the “Journey Towards Better”.

Finally, the Halfway on Track to Better playlist on Spotify showcases uplifting and positive homegrown songs. The playlist is available to all South Africans to download for free. Although the playlist is comprehensive, Halfway Group is also inviting South Africans to share their picks of South African-inspired songs they believe celebrate the “Journey Towards Better” via social media.

Sam McChesney, Marketing Director of Halfway Motor Group, explains, “The songs and artists we have curated have become part of the narrative of our South African journey – which has us on track to making South Africa a better place to live.

“This is a journey that Halfway Motor Group has proudly shared for 58 years, and the artists we’re featuring on the “On Track to Better” playlist continue to inspire us to celebrate the music, the people and the South Africa we all love.”

To get On Track to Better and join Halfway’s celebration of SA music, visit the Halfway Motor Group’s website and follow them on social media.

Stream and Download the On Track to Better Spotify Playlist here.

 On Track to Better Campaign YouTube Video Link –


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