Effie South Africa has issued the 2024 Effie Awards South Africa Programme call for entries for the 2023  

 Entries will be accepted from 3 April to 6 June 2024

 ‘How to Write a Winning Entry’ workshops will be held online on 6 March

Effie South Africa today announced the formal call for entries for the Effie Awards 2024 programme. Effie South Africa invites agencies, clients, media partners, and start-ups to showcase their strategic and creative marketing prowess. The programme, part of the global Effie community, stands as a testament to the local industry’s commitment to delivering effective campaigns. Effie is a global forum that exists to lead, inspire and champion both the practice and practitioners of marketing effectiveness.

Campaigns that ran from 1 February 2023 to 31 January 2024 are eligible to enter, with the submission of cases via the entry portal taking place from 3 April to 6 June 2024. This provides a substantial timeframe within which entrants are able to submit their campaigns and demonstrate the impact of their marketing initiatives.

To be considered for an Effie, cases must state clear objectives and offer proof of having met or exceeded them. Judging procedures are based on objective evidence of performance against goals. Winners and finalists in the Effie Awards South Africa 2024 will not only receive accolades but will also earn points towards the globally recognized Effie Index. This global recognition reinforces the impact of South African campaigns on the international stage, highlighting the country’s position as a force in marketing effectiveness.

Entry Dates and Deadlines:

Early Bird Entries: 3 April 2024 – 2 May 2024

On-time Entries: 3 May 2024 – 16 May 2024

Last Minute Entries: 17 May 2024 – 30 May 2024

Agency and Client partner teams are encouraged to take advantage of the Early Bird period and submit their entries promptly. Acceptance of entries via the Effie Awards South Africa online entry portal will close strictly at midnight on Thursday 30 May 2024.

Gillian Rightford, ACA Interim Executive Director, remarks, “The Effie Awards South Africa is not just a celebration or awards show: it’s a collective celebration of industry excellence, collaboration, and innovation. This programme is testament to the industry’s unwavering dedication to delivering effective campaigns that make a difference for brands. It’s a showcase of our industry’s true value.”

As has been the case in the past, entrants can anticipate over 70 categories across two groups, namely Products & Services and Speciality Categories, providing a comprehensive range to showcase various aspects of marketing effectiveness. For detailed information on entry categories, submission guidelines, and to initiate the entry process, go to the “how to enter” tab on Effie South Africa’s website.

The Effie team recommends entrants familiarize themselves with all entry documents before diving into the online submission process. To assist in this regard, two online Effie Entry Workshops will be held on 6 March 2024, allowing for entrants to select the most suitable time. The first session will take place from 11h00-12h00, with the second on the same day from 15h00-16h00. To register your interest in attending, please send a mail to melanie@acasa.co.za.

Gillian Rightford concludes, “As we launch the 2024 programme, we invite the industry to join us in showcasing the transformative power of effective marketing. Let’s raise the bar, celebrate our successes, and continue to make a lasting impact in the world of marketing effectiveness. The Effie Awards South Africa program continues to set the standard for excellence, and each entry contributes to the industry’s collective success.”

For more information visit the Effie Awards South Africa website at www.effieawards.co.za or visit www.acasa.co.za.

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