How Ads24’s passion for soccer can translate into revenue for advertisers

Coupled with Soccer Laduma, the recent inclusion of Kick Off magazine into the Ads 24 stable has created a bigger ecosystem for advertisers, media buyers and marketers to reach South Africa’s soccer-crazy mass market.

“The combination of Soccer Laduma and Kick Off allows advertisers access to a way, way bigger audience,” says Peter du Toit, Editorial Director for the publications. “It’s probably the biggest print and African male audience in this country, and certainly one of the biggest black male digital audiences in South Africa.”

Soccer Laduma is South Africa’s largest football publisher (across print, web, mobile and social media) with a total readership of about 3.6-million. Its platforms extend from a popular print publication to a digital platform that includes TV and podcasts and has a mobile reach of about
28-million page impressions.

“We love football and we know football,” says Du Toit. “And when you do something you love you generally do it well.  After 20 years in the game, we know how to listen and because we listen, we know how to speak to our readers and give them the content they want.

Together with Kick Off the potential for advertisers is enormous. Firstly, they will have the newspaper and the magazine (as well as their digital components) as platforms to implement campaigns and achieve their goals.

“Secondly,” says Du Toit. “We are experts at content marketing, which is enjoyed by readers and advertisers because the content is not perceived as being a hard sell.  It works very well from a campaign point of view and it is something we can do across podcasting, Soccer Laduma TV the newspapers, the magazines and the sites.”

“We are at an advantage of having a great relationship with our readers that comes from a depth of understanding,” he adds. “We love football and our readers love football,  so that’s the ultimate recipe for a successful relationship and by continuing to listen to our readers and through ongoing research by our research department we can translate that success to our advertisers.”

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