Outdoor Network – Flipping the Switch on Loadshedding

Outdoor Network, part of the Provantage family of companies and a leader in the digital and static billboard advertising market, has installed 12 generators to keep digital billboards running when the lights go out due to loadshedding.

The generators are currently keeping billboards illuminated in KZN (Ballito, Pietermaritzburg and Durban); Johannesburg (Cresta); Bloemfontein; East London and Cape Town. Outdoor network is in the process of installing eight more generators at other high-traffic sites. These will be operational by the end of July, meaning advertisers’ campaigns on the Network’s digital rotators will remain live permanently – even during loadshedding.

As power outages escalate throughout South Africa, Outdoor Network has taken swift action to ensure that advertisers are not affected by the ongoing power cuts. The ailing power supply has left many advertisers losing valuable exposure and revenue as activity in traditional media, such as print and television, declines. In the past three years, however, digital billboards have attracted significant revenue, and Outdoor Network prioritises its clients’ investments by keeping its billboards on at all times.

Director at Provantage Shamy Naidu says, “Billboards in South Africa’s major economic hubs need to stay operational during peak hours to give advertisers the engagement they have been promised. But agencies are feeling the pinch with no end in sight to loadshedding.

“We are dedicated to finding solutions that protect our clients’ investment and ensure they don’t lose out on exposure during peak times. We will ensure our digital billboards remain prominent and operational, assuring advertisers of delivery on engagements and impact.”

Naidu emphasises that advertisers are guaranteed key metrics on campaign performance and engagements as Outdoor Network’s full-scale alternative power programme for its digital sites rolls out, adding, “What sets our chosen alternative power supply apart is the ability to monitor fuel consumption and diagnostics remotely. This guarantees that our screens remain on throughout higher stages of loadshedding or power outages. We specifically opted for this solution as other alternative power sources do not provide the same level of reliability and assurance.”

He continues, “We understand the challenges faced with freestanding billboards within public spaces. These are already susceptible to vandalism and theft of the advertising faces. The installation of inverters, batteries and solar panels adds a new dimension of risk and theft opportunities, which for instance, is a major concern for mobile operators at many base stations. Additionally, due  to space limitations, installing sufficient solar panels and batteries for uninterrupted operation becomes impractical.

“By remotely monitoring fuel consumption and ensuring continuous operation during loadshedding, we give advertisers the peace of mind that their messages will reach their intended audience consistently and effectively. We understand the unique challenges of the outdoor advertising industry, and we are committed to finding innovative solutions to overcome them.”

With the completion of this comprehensive power solution, Outdoor Network is positioned to deliver uninterrupted visibility and impactful advertising campaigns across South Africa. Naidu concludes, “We are committed to finding solutions to ensure it’s business as usual during the rolling outages and giving advertisers the best deal and a return on investment – even during loadshedding.”

To find out more about Outdoor Network, contact info@on.co.za.

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