Netwerk24 successfully maintains its growth streak

Following the new offering of Afrikaans lifestyle magazine titles on Netwerk24, the news channel has maintained a fantastic growth streak with a further 16% increase in subscribers in November 2017 followed by an above-average subscription growth of 7% since December 7, a period where media consumption is traditionally low.

At the end of December, Netwerk24 subscriptions totaled 28 535, compared with 19 340 in December 2016, equating to a growth of 48% year-on-year.

“What the figures are showing is very exciting. It means we are giving our market what they want   ̶ an abundance of quality journalism in Afrikaans, from news to lifestyle, at a very affordable price. In addition, we deliver news as it happens 18 hours per day, seven days a week,” said Ernie Roworth, Netwerk24’s General Manager.

The Netwerk24 channel offers readers, across a number of demographics, access to R1000 a month’s worth of content for a mere R99 a month.

Since the magazine migration towards the end of last year, Netwerk24’s traffic has experienced a boost from 1, 1-million unique browsers in August to 1, 5-million in November, with page views growing from 8, 5-million in August to 13-million in November 2017. The news channel reached 36 000 unique browsers on the Netwerk24 app and 9-million page views, compared with 30 000 unique browsers  and 8.7-million page views in August 2017. In November 2017, Netwerk24 was the 13th largest website in the country.

“Although our desktop and mobile web traffic went down to 1.2-million in December 2017, traditionally a downtime due to the holiday season, we saw big growth on our app, reaching 41 000 unique browsers and 10.3-million page views. This was most likely due to people preferring the app while on holiday, as well as to excellent engagement on our content surrounding the ANC elective conference,” added Roworth.

Netwerk24’s remarkable and consistent growth is expected to keep up with the momentum in 2018. “We have seen growth every month since May 2016 when Netwerk24 was a news site only,” said Roworth. “The addition of the magazine titles and regional news content will continue to be a drawcard for our market as a result we forecast continued growth this year.”

“We will carry on with our various marketing and advertising campaigns to make sure that the market is aware of the offer and will continue to investigate new and creative ways to make Netwerk24 accessible to the market. We will also invest in new content streams and offerings, as well as special editorial projects to provide value to our readers,” concluded Roworth.

The growth and success of Netwerk24 is a transparent value proposition for advertisers who now have access to a large number of people and established brands to tailor their campaigns across print, digital and social media channels.

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