WebAfrica is ‘effing’ up its new campaign

The new campaign says it like it is: Webafrica is effing fast

Cape Town, March 2018: You know that feeling when something is so great, it’s amazing? But the word ‘amazing’ doesn’t cut it, and neither do the words ‘wonderful’ or ‘fabulous’ or ‘awesome’.

That’s the feeling I’m talking about.

When you’re so impressed by something, it’s effing impressive.

That, my friends, is why the new campaign from Webafrica, discusses its ‘effing fast’ fibre. 

Keeping with Webafrica’s distinctively funny and simple approach to its ATL campaigns, the new campaign from The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town leaves the consumer with one message to remember: fast internet = Webafrica.  And how fast is it? Effing fast, and that’s exactly the way we say it.

Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO of Webafrica, says it’s all effing true. “Our internet is effing fast, and we call it like it is. Our Skip ad is sitting at over 1.8million views because we all get a bit of joy out of seeing someone struggling to skip for almost two minutes, and this ad is no different. It’s the way we can all relate to someone saying it like it is without mincing his words and getting the facts across without any puffery and nonsense – almost like he has Tourette’s. We have the same approach with everything we do, we don’t eff about, we get straight to it.”

Lucas van Vuuren, executive creative director of Jupiter CT, explains “The brief was to get the ‘fast’ message across to the consumer. From there, we just started having fun with it and seeing how the banter and the idea evolved into something effing unexpected. When we presented it to the team at Webafrica, this is was the idea we were hanging our hats on and they were game which is basically every agency’s dream come true.”

Along with this video, there is an ‘effing fast’ radio campaign and outdoor billboards to support it.

For more information on Webafrica’s effing fast internet, head to the site, call 086 000 9500 or the Facebook page to see all the effing rad things you can do with effing fast internet.

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town:

Executive Creative Director: Lucas van Vuuren

Art Director: Riyaaz Freeman

Copywriter: Thato Mogale

Digital designer: Brandon Bruintjies

Project Manager: Susann Kompa

AV – iKraal Video Production:

Producer/Post: Crispian Abbott

Directo: Rob Nicholls

Props/ stylist/ wardrobe: Jeandre Venter

Photographer: Christof van der Walt

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