Bravado Unveils Empowering Campaign Ahead of Youth Day

Bravado, part of the Brave Group, has developed a ground-breaking communications campaign for the Nedbank Youth X platform, aimed at supporting and uplifting the young South Africans.

Bongani Chinkanda, Managing Director of Bravado, believes that this campaign will provide opportunities for young individuals to unlock their unique X factor, enabling them to conquer new heights.

The campaign, designed to engage and empower the youth, consists of several dynamic elements. At the forefront is the XFM Mobile Van, a state-of-the-art content hub that will traverse various youth-centric spots across the city. This mobile platform will capture the sentiments of Youth X directly from the perspective of young individuals themselves, showcasing their stories, talent and experiences. Through the XFM Mobile Van, the diverse and inspiring X factors that define them will be highlighted and celebrated.

Nedbank’s Executive Head of Retail and Business Banking Marketing, Buli Ndlovu believes the campaign aligns perfectly with Nedbank’s commitment to youth empowerment and engagement in South Africa: “By celebrating the individuality of young people and offering the necessary resources and assistance to develop and showcase their talents, the campaign not only addresses the pressing need for job creation but also fosters innovation and economic growth.”

Nedbank and Bravado have also collaborated with YFM, the largest Youth Station in South Africa, leveraging their extensive reach and influence. Through this partnership, the campaign aims to extend the conversation and delve deeper into the concept of unlocking one’s X factor. Interviews, special programs, and dedicated segments will explore what it truly means for the youth to unlock their unique potential.

As part of the Youth X platform, Nedbank introduced the Youth X Awards and Summit in 2021. This prestigious recognition program encourages young individuals to submit their personal stories, sharing their unique X factors and explaining how Nedbank can assist them on their journey. The Youth X Awards provide a valuable platform for the youth to express themselves, gain recognition, and potentially receive support from Nedbank to further develop their talents.

Chinkanda emphasises the campaign’s intention to support and empower the youth, providing them with opportunities to unlock their unique X factors. Bravado believes that every young individual possesses a special “something” that sets them apart and has the potential to lead them to success. The campaign’s goal is to create a platform that not only acknowledges and celebrates their individuality but also offers the necessary resources and assistance to develop and showcase their talents.

“The prevailing challenges faced by the South African youth, including high unemployment rates and a struggling economy, make a campaign like this particularly important,” says Chinkanda. South Africa has one of the highest youth unemployment rates globally, and many young people struggle to find meaningful employment opportunities. By empowering and supporting the youth to unlock their X factors, the campaign aims to provide the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to overcome these obstacles.

The campaign also seeks to address the pressing need for youth empowerment and engagement in South Africa. By celebrating their individuality, the aim is to inspire them to explore their passions, develop their skills, and pursue entrepreneurial ventures. This approach can contribute to job creation, innovation, and economic growth, ultimately investing in the future of South Africa and building a more vibrant and prosperous society.

About Bravado:

Bravado, part of the Brave Group specialises in designing integrated and immersive brand experiences that deliver commercial results for our clients and increase brand sentiment with consumers. With a focus on empowering the youth and celebrating individuality, the agency strives to create impactful campaigns that make a positive difference in society.


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