Lifestyle is about choices and enables you to compare more, a local online cellular contract comparison engine, has expended its offering to further help consumers save on their monthly bills.

According to Lance Krom, founder and managing director at Phonefinder, the company’s established and successful business model, which leverages its systems that enable consumers to compare cellular contract options, and its integrated online sales and marketing strategy that generates leads for the mobile network operators (MNO), has the potential to scale well across numerous other industry verticals.

“Since launching in 2012, has helped thousands of consumers find the best cell phone contract deal based on their varied preferences and budget,” explains Krom. “This, along with the informative and interactive online marketplace we’ve created through our content strategy, has established us as a trusted service provider, with a broad reach and high traffic volumes to the website.”

Phonefinder currently receives 7,000 unique visitors a day to the website, generating 200,000 impressions a month. From this, 20,000 inquiries are received a month, which the Phonefinder team is then able to convert into an average of 1,500 sales leads a day for MNOs and network aggregators. “We have also built up an opted-in database of over 200,000 clients that we can market to directly, or use to conduct paid-for surveys on behalf of clients,” continues Krom.

The business is therefore looking to now leverage this robust and established user base to expand its offering, while also helping consumers find more deals that help them save. “From our experience and research we’ve established that affordability and price are the key determinants of cell phone contract purchases via our website,” says Krom. “Either consumers are unable to purchase the phone they want upfront, so they opt to use a contract to make it more affordable, or they switch providers based on who is offering the best value for money.”

And it is this desire to find the best deals that led Phonefinder to expand by adding insurance comparisons to its offering. “We recently partnered with a number of budget saving services in an effort to help our customers save even more”.

For a limited time only Phonefinder is giving extra value to anyone who applies for an offering on Phonefinder will now also receive one month of free RoadCover*, which is a service offering that manages a motor vehicle accident victim’s claim with the Road Accidents Fund (RAF) from start to finish.

Based on the success of Phone finder’s unbiased cell phone contract comparison service, which enables visitors to search every mobile contract deal available based on the type of handset they desire, their preferred network, monthly costs, data bundles and voice minutes, Krom is confident that the easy-to-use nature of these web-based comparison tools and the company’s established eco-system will lead to similar success in the company’s new venture. “Our intention is then to replicate the model in other industry verticals in the near future,” he concludes.

*Valid to the first 5,000 applicants. Terms and Conditions apply as per RoadCover.

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