Mall AdsT launches Mall Talkers

Mall Ads™, a company of Provantage Media Group, has launched a brand new media product into the mall environment. With a long history in the mall space,the team at Mall Ads™ has created a solution for brands that is cost-effective and delivers on reach, frequency and impact – Mall Talkers.

 Mall Talkers are offered across a carefully selected mall location base, delivering the best reach and frequency possible. These highly cost

effective static media units are placed at high traffic areas across the shoppers’ mall journey and serve to attract, inform and educate shoppers. Mall Talkers are a solution that can be applied to large regional malls as well as smaller community malls across the LSM spectrum.

 John Faia, GM of Mall Ads™ says that, “Advertising within the mall environment has become a precise science which takes into consideration a number of key elements such as shopper behavior, time spent in a mall, time spent in a specific area of a mall, as well as what shoppers actually want. The landlords and the tenants also need to be kept in mind, because malls aren’t only about the shoppers, there are other stakeholders all wanting similar success.”

“With this in mind it is imperative that advertising and marketing within this environment is relevant to the consumer, that it adds to the entertainment, escapist and necessity values of a mall environment. A campaign can’t simply be intrusive, it has to be relevant,” he adds.

For more information on how Mall Talkers can elevate your brand and bring shoppers to your store, contact John Faia on 0861 776 826 or email him on or go to and follow @ProvantageSA

About Mall Ads™

 Bespoke mall environment solutions that stimulate spend.

 Mall Ads™ provides innovative and bespoke advertising and media solutions within the shopping centre environment. Our comprehensive range of platforms effectively target consumers and stimulate spend to the benefit of both brands and landlords. Mall Ads™ has partnerships with key malls across South Africa to successfully engage with diverse income brackets.

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