Abacuz launches new platform where au pairs keep their independence and parents keep their sanity



Abacus is a brand new platform developed to provide au pairs with the opportunity to connect with new families, without losing their independence. The platform uses the latest in technology to allow parents to find reliable and trustworthy au pairs, and track their children, no matter where they are. It is the ultimate tool for talented au pairs to find busy parents while maintaining their own schedules and achieving a flexible work/life balance.

Gary Carter, Chairman at Abacuz

“Through the Abacuz platform, au pairs can enjoy flexible working hours and every free hour they have, can be translated into an income,” explains Gary Carter, Chairman at Abacuz. “It is a superb fit for students, part time workers and professional au pairs, providing a space where they can expand their skills, explore opportunities and develop their profiles.”

Abacuz allows parents to rate and review au pairs, providing a peer review system that inspires trust, and encourages au pairs to deliver sterling service. The au pair portal also offers mentoring, courses and support, alongside certifications to improve au pair skill sets and rankings.  Au pairs can use the portal to allocate bookings, schedule free time, keep track of appointments and manage their profiles – all online.

“Our au pairs can log in using their Facebook profiles, making it extremely easy for them to check on work or parents on the move, from any mobile device,” concludes Carter. “It is an extremely exciting tool that blends the best of breed in technology with the modern needs of parents and au pairs.”

Au pairs can register with Abacuz by visiting our website on https://www.abacuz.co.za or by visiting our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/abacuzaupairs.  If you would like to join us at the next info session, please send an email to enquire about the next date to info@abacuz.co.za.

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