The beautiful truth about sharing

Modern families don’t take the time to talk as much as they used to. Instead we message and live our lives in a digital world,  if you watch the short video clip above you’ll see just how ineffective that is and how much we miss about each others lives.

Conceptualised by So Interactive and produced in partnership with Spitfire Productions for client Ocean Basket, the clip features real-life participants who were asked to text one another, later when participants sat next to each other their answers to the same texted questions were very different and contained far more interesting info than in the text.

Take the test with anyone you love – It really is illuminating.

So Interactive Digital Director Darren Mansour says: “In global surveys, when teenagers are asked when they were most likely to talk with their parents, mealtime was their top answer and further research endorses the facts that children who eat with their parents have far better relationships with them and do better at school.

“Families that eat together, stay together. We’ve all heard the old adage, but busy lifestyles often make what used to be a daily occurrence much more difficult to achieve. Ocean basket briefed us to launch their new winter menu items, we approached it by using one of their core brand philosophies, generosity, and based the campaign around the message of sharing.”

Ocean Basket has introduced two new meze platters and a whole host of innovative nibbles that can be ordered together to create personalized meze sharing feasts.

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