Toyota ‘Buffs’ Yaris Image With Yaris Pulse, New Campaign

Toyota South Africa has ‘buffed up’ the Yaris’ image with the launch of Yaris Pulse, which sports a bigger 1.5L engine and improved rear styling among other attractive new features.

According to Toyota SA’s Senior Manager of Advertising & Digital Marketing, Aidan Castille, the marketing team was looking for a creative idea that positioned limited edition Yaris Pulse as a cool combination of value-for-money, high specification and masculinity.

The agency’s response was an integrated campaign that links the Yaris Pulse to a calm and collected male personality who is confident being himself, in any situation.

“The agency team asked itself ‘what does the new Yaris Pulse and a confident man have in common?’ The answer was that they both get to the point quicker. The bigger engine gets you places faster while a confident man doesn’t hum or haw, he cuts to the chase,” explained Creative Director, Tian van den Heever.

“We envisaged this confident man as being one who, rather than relying on his car to give him confidence, looks for a car that compliments the confidence he already has and gives him permission to set that confidence free.

“The agency developed a personality for the Yaris Pulse and for the man who’d drive it. It’s a guy who wears what he’s comfortable in, not a tailor-made suit; who’ll smile at a pretty girl won’t wolf-whistle at her; who plays air guitar in traffic, but he doesn’t fist-pump in clubs; and who’ll drive in the fast lane, but will let people pass if they’re going faster.

“The campaign features this Yaris personality and places him in various situations where, by getting to the point faster, he saves himself a lot of embarrassment and talking in circles. The campaign is bold, it’s exciting but it doesn’t take itself too seriously; just like the Yaris Pulse,” van den Heever said.

The campaign currently lives in social media, 3rd party banner targeting, 20 second webisodes, radio, outdoor, print and press. It will soon be joined by TV.


Client: Toyota South Africa

Brand: Yaris Pulse

Senior Manager of Advertising & Digital Marketing: Aidan Castille

Brand Manager: Cindy Booysen

Creative agency: FCB Joburg

Executive Business Director: Reagen Kok

Account Director:  Nicole Malan

Executive Creative Director:  Brett Morris (Group Chief Creative Officer)

Creative Director: Tian van den Heever

Copywriter: Inge Blignaut

Art Director: Pamela Turner

Strategic Planner:  Warwick Brummer

TV Production:  Nakita Bolus

Project Manager: Christine Lubbe

Media Strategist: Langa Sithole

Media Planners: Sonet Geyer, Whitley Stallbaum and Gwen Bezuidenhout

Production Companies: Team Best, Frequency Sound

Post Production: Mushroom Media

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