New Bonitas ‘Epiphanies’ TVC builds on successful 2016 ‘Eureka’ campaign

Bonitas Medical Fund is building on the considerable success of its 2016 ‘Eureka’ campaign with ‘Epiphanies’, a new television commercial and supporting online proof point videos.

The second largest open medical scheme in South Africa, Bonitas aims to make quality healthcare accessible to all South Africans and offers a wide range of products that are simple to understand, easy to use and give members more value for money.

“Our 2016 campaign, Eureka, delivered a highly-focused message that prompted South Africans to question exactly what their medical aid gives them,”said Gerhard Van Emmenis, Principal Officer of Bonitas.

The advertisement made quite an impact in the market, with strong functional messaging, humour and distinctive brand look. So much so that, despite challenging times for both consumers and businesses, Bonitas gained 3% share of voice overall, with a 4.4% gain in the important LSM 8-10 segment.

“We strive to put the interests of our members first at all times and wanted to create a commercial that captured this. FCB Joburg was tasked with developing a new commercial that would drive the message that Bonitas offers medical aid the way it should be and that Bonitas never stops working for its members,” said van Emmenis.

The agency’s response was Epiphanies, a television commercial rooted in neuroscience.

“Neuroscience tells us that emotional communication is better recalled and plays a sub-conscious role in our decision making process,” explained FCB Joburg’s Joint Chief Creative Officer, Jonathan Deeb.

Effectively, emotions are shortcuts to our rational system. Medical and life insurance companies therefore make use of strong emotional imagery to pull on consumer heart-strings, this is important to upper LSM.

“Last year, we introduced a revolutionary idea: medical aid. You pay for cover, and we give you the cover you pay for. While this firmly established Bonitas as a challenger brand – and a consumer champion – it focused chiefly on the ‘what’.

“For the 2017/2018 campaign, we needed to build on the foundation laid in 2016, and find a way to now provide consumers with a ‘why’ by dramatising Bonitas’ tireless, constant obsession with improving medical aid, and show how that gives Bonitas the competitive advantage in terms of fulfilling consumer needs,”he explained.

Critical to FCB Joburg’s response was the notion of value. In Bonitas’ case, the strong functional benefits message in Eureka, ‘It‘s real medical aid’, was unpacked in Epiphanies to highlight ‘What real medical aid means for the consumers’.

The 30-second TVC was shot at Panavision in one day by Fuel Content, which also handled the post-production.

It shows Bonitas employees having after-hours breakthroughs – at the breakfast table, at the gym, while painting the lounge or while making the bed – to demonstrate to consumers that Bonitas is always thinking about how to make medical aid better … so its clients don’t have to.

The TVC is flighting on SABC, ETV and DSTV channels while five different online videos have been uploaded to YouTube. The purpose of these is to act as proof points as to what a medical aid should be, and make the viewer question if their own medical aid delivers the same value.


Client: Bonitas Medical Fund

Creative agency: FCB Joburg

Executive Business Director: Mogani Naidoo

Account Director: Sarah Rae

Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb

Creative Director: Greg Cameron

Copywriter:  David Schild

Art Director: Nicola Bower

Strategic Planner: Jade Dos Santos

TV production: Vanessa Borthwick & Tidimalo Motlhamme

Media planners: Richard Lord and Belinda Kayton – The MediaShop

Production companies: Fuel Content

Director: Greg Cameron

Editor: Fuel Content

Post-production: Fuel Content

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