Prima Toys harnesses unboxing video trend

Leading toy importer and distributor Prima Toys recently launched their very own unboxing videos. The series is called ‘The Very Serious Toy Show’ and features professionally created video content that is adding an extra touchpoint within the brand’s over-arching marketing strategy. So far the series of videos hosted on YouTube is proving to be extremely successful.

Prima Toys is the first toy company in South Africa to create its very own unboxing videos – not only to keep abreast with worldwide marketing trends, but to also keep consumers in the know about toy trends. Unboxing videos have become a huge phenomenon internationally, with a number of unboxing presenters reaching celebrity status, with hundreds of thousands and even millions of fans the world over.

Marketing Executive of Prima Toys: Chiquita Patrizi, says: “Unboxing videos provide us with the opportunity to quite literally unpack products and show the viewer what is inside. This way, both parents and their children know exactly what is in the box and what they will be getting. This allows them to make an informed decision before purchasing a product- it also provides great entertainment for the children watching.”

Toy unboxing videos have continued to see worldwide growth in popularity in the last few years. More recently, Insights by Google reported that in March 2016, almost 50% of online users looked for videos related to a product before they committed to buying it and preferred to follow advice from YouTube video creators as opposed to their favourite (traditional) celebrities.

‘The Very Serious Toy Show’ is presented by “Sash”from Prima Toys. She has an in depth knowledge of the brands and products and how they work, and this ensures that the information imparted is correct and comes across authentically. “Sash is an excellent presenter, she has the know-how, product knowledge and quirky personality required to make the videos a success,” says Patrizi.

Prima Toys is successfully capitalizing on the benefits of the toy unboxing video phenomenon and is creating video content that appeals to parents, children and the toy industry at large.

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