Introducing Blacksmith Collective: Where creatives merge

Brands and businesses in the market for innovative production services can now access a curated network of creative experts thanks to Blacksmith Collective, a premium production house with a network of over 200 creative partners across South Africa.

Blacksmith Collective is an innovative production collective specialising in content creation and creative problem solving. They have worked with top international brands, including Castle Lite, Castle Lager, Opel, Budweiser, Shell, Corona and Visa, and have collaborated with some of the biggest agencies in the industry, such as Ogilvy & Mather South Africa, King James II, Joe Public, Isobar and TBWA.

Founded by creative entrepreneurs Diogo Mendonça and Marcus von Geyso, Blacksmith Collective takes an unconventional approach to production which enables them to exceed clients’ expectations and deliver impressive results.“We partner with the very best creative minds and experts, from film and photography specialists to brand strategists and even engineers, allowing us to adapt to specific project requirements,” says von Geyso. “It’s a unique business model focused on making the client’s vision a reality through true collaboration that focuses on upholding the integrity of the work.”

According to Mendonça, this also offers creatives a platform to work with some of the biggest brands across industries, with teams ranging from between 5 to 50 creatives at times.

“Having access to a vast network of creative professionals when trying to solve a creative problem definitely adds a lot of dimension to our work, ensuring our ideas are always current,” says Mendonça. “We spend a lot of time researching our creative teams to find the best fit for the job at hand and grow our vast creative network with a variety of fresh talent.”

As the Managing Director at Blacksmith Collective, Mendonça oversees the day-to-day operations of the business, maintaining client relationships and sourcing new business opportunities. He is also creatively involved, taking on the role of Executive Producer in the production process.Executive Creative Director at Blacksmith Collective, Marcus von Geyso, is responsible for managing the creative conceptualisation and execution of a project from start to finish, ensuring the final product exceeds the client’s creative requirements. As a professional film-maker and photographer, von Geyso plays a central role in creative production, but – true to Blacksmith Collective’s collaborative spirit – is also involved in the management of the business.

Mendonça and von Geyso met while working at Ogilvy & Mather SA, and realised their shared entrepreneurial spirit and vision for a creative platform that knows no bounds. With their combined experience in the advertising and production industries, the pair decided to start their own collaborative platform, that is capable of dynamically scaling up or down depending on the nature and demand of a client’s brief.

“We established Blacksmith Collective to find solutions to the creative problems clients face,” says von Geyso. “Having a pool of creative talent to collaborate with allows us to work smarter, ensure a high standard of service and deliver expert executions.”

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