Iconic Collective Welcomes Two New ECDs: Albert de Andrade and Bruce Ross

Iconic Collective, a leading strategic and creative agency part of Point Group, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Albert de Andrade and Bruce Ross as Executive Creative Directors (ECD). With their exceptional talent and wealth of experience, Albert and Bruce will bring new perspectives to support the drive of the company’s growth ambition across Africa and the Middle East.

Albert de Andrade

Albert believes that ‘creativity is intelligence having fun.’ In his role as ECD, Albert is responsible for providing a creative conceptual touch to all projects, guiding the creative team to deliver impactful work that makes a real difference. Albert holds a Bachelor’s Degree Cum Laude in Design and Art, showcasing his dedication to mastering his craft. His leadership style fosters a collaborative environment that encourages innovation, and this, combined with his professional qualifications and expertise, promises to be an invaluable asset to the agency.

When asked about his decision to join the company, Albert expressed his enthusiasm for working with an exceptional and highly motivated leadership team. He was particularly drawn to the company’s ability to pivot effortlessly, enabling them to create the biggest impact/ROI for their clients. Albert’s ambition aligns with the company’s commitment to drive achievement, co-create with customers, and become strategic partners in creatively solving business problems.

Passionate about inspiring a new generation of creative minds and creating impactful work, Albert combines strong design and conceptual thinking to bring work to life. His dedication to mentoring and guiding creatives has resulted in numerous success stories, with his mentees now holding influential positions as Creative Directors, shaping the future of the industry. Albert’s ability to nurture talent and inspire individuals to reach their full potential is a testament to his remarkable career. With a firm belief in authenticity and going the extra mile for ideas, concepts, and visions he believes in, Albert encourages the team to stay true to their creative instincts and strive for excellence in every project they undertake.

Looking ahead, Albert’s professional ambition is to be one of the pioneers and change-makers in the rapidly evolving world of creativity powered by AI. He is committed to embracing new technologies and exploring innovative design and communication approaches.

According to Dermot Latimer, the Group CEO of Point Group, “Albert prides himself on possessing a ferocious curiosity and an unwavering desire to push boundaries and experiment with new ways of seeing the world and effectively communicating it to clients’ customers. His unique perspective and relentless pursuit of excellence make him a valuable asset to the team.”

Bruce Ross

Boasting an impressive 30 years of experience in the industry, Bruce Ross oversees the design insights related to in-store activation and promotional collateral for the FMCG market as ECD. Leading a small team of talented professionals, his creative direction will help fuel the company’s growth through effectiveness and efficiency to provide the strongest ROI for local clients’ marketing investments. Additionally, Bruce will collaborate closely with international colleagues, leveraging his expertise to contribute to projects worldwide.

Bruce’s inspiration to enter the industry stems from his deep-rooted passion for design, specifically within the 3D space. He finds great fulfilment in bringing conceptual ideas to life, focusing on the project’s value and creating unique concepts that meet the client’s brief. He holds a National Higher diploma in Graphic Design, and his passion lies in innovating and designing exciting and engaging Point of Sale Material (POSM) that perfectly caters to the unique needs of its customers.

Throughout his career, Bruce has achieved remarkable accomplishments, with one standout milestone being the successful establishment and management of his design firm for seven years. This experience has provided him invaluable insights into running a business and further honed his creative and managerial skills.

Latimer added, “Bruce’s strong work ethic, trustworthiness, creativity, and managerial abilities have earned him a reputation for excellence. He aims to build and lead a world-class design team that is forward-thinking and embraces innovation and insight.”

Iconic Collective is poised for an exciting new chapter of growth and innovation by welcoming Albert and Bruce as ECDs. They will undoubtedly bring fresh perspectives to support the agency’s ambitious goals. With their leadership, Iconic Collective is poised to create deep impact and value further, driving its clients’ success and setting new industry standards

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