Reach 372 900 business minded people through targeted impressions

Amongst many other target groups, SPARK Media’s ignition TARGET has got the ‘business minded’ market covered. The company’s programmatic and direct audience solution through the utilisation of their Data Management Platform (DMP), has the capability to collect and deliver relevant, customised Interest Based Audiences.

“An Interest Based Audience is a group of consumers who are sorted into specific interest categories according to their browsing behaviour across a network of digital publications,” explains SPARK Media’s Digital Manager, Ashleigh Footit. Since its inception in 2016, our DMP has collected audiences in excess of 5.2 million people contributing to various interest categories making ignition TARGET a valuable channel for large effective reach.”

One particular Interest Based Audience often included as an advertising target market are ‘Business Minded People’. With ignition TARGET,  clients can reach 372 900 business enthusiasts across SPARK Media’s digital network through 1 000 000 impressions a month

This audience can be further segmented into 27 300 females and 20 700 males or even by industry occupation. For example; 133 500 people in the business and finance field, 69 900 people specialising in computer/mathematical and many more.

“Are you interested in this audience or are there other interest categories that you would like to reach?” concludes Footit. “This segment and many others are available to clients through either our programmatic or direct sales offering.”

Contact SPARK Media on or chat to your SPARK Media sales contact for a custom package on 010 492 8385.

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