Darling campaign captures women’s imagination and blows up on social media

#DarlingBigThankYous goes viral

A recent Darling social-media campaign #DarlingBigThankYous honours the selfless women who drive our society, has gone viral on social media. Conceptualized and executed in conjunction with Conversation Lab, the campaign video has 2 324 521 views and earned 3 647 shares on Facebook, since its launch, three weeks ago.

The #DarlingBigThankYous campaign asked the public to identify one special person in their life whom they believe deserves a BIG thank you and to share stories of these unsung heroines.

The aim of the innovative nationwide campaign is to spread positivity and to celebrate the rainmakers in our country, by sharing stories of the women who live to make the lives of others better.

From the hundreds of nominations received, Palesa Nhlapho’s nomination stood out. She nominated her mother because of the sacrifices she has made and continues to make for Palesa, a 23-year-old student at the University of the Free State, so that she could have a brighter future.

“We were so moved by her story that we decided to do something special for Palesa to help her say a “Big Thank You” to her mother,” said Pearle Peane, Darling Senior Brand Manager. “There are women who are paving the way for the next generation and Palesa’s mum is one such hero. We truly believed that Emily, a 55-year-old domestic worker from Vereeniging, merited a big gesture of thanks for all she has done for her daughter.”

The Darling Team flew Palesa to Johannesburg from Bloemfontein to surprise her mum with a spa day and special makeover done by Darling professional hair stylists.

Emily was overcome with emotion when Palesa gave her the happy news. After a tearful exchange between mum and daughter, the Darling team whisked them away for a day of pampering.

“We are thrilled to have captured this touching story and to have it viewed and shared to the extent it has, is a testament to how important it is to say thank you and show appreciation to those special people in our lives,” continues Peane.

Palesa was especially moved when they were having a hair makeover. “One of the things we like to do when I come home is to braid each other’s hair. This has created a stronger bond between us. When we are braiding, we feel more together and we talk about everything,” said Palesa.

After being made up and decked out in new clothes, Palesa and Emily were overwhelmed by their new look. But Darling had one more surprise. They gave Palesa a letter to read to her mum, and Palesa couldn’t believe what she had received, R10 000 towards her tuition fees.

“To celebrate the amazing story of these two gorgeous women, we encourage the public to go to our Facebook page, DarlingSouthAfrica and help Darling celebrate Emily,” concludes Peane.



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