Reaching decision makers with your message using data activation

There are some marketing messages that are perfectly suited to influencing the thinking and purchases of high-powered decision makers. But how can marketing and sales teams make sure that those messages reach the right people? Amorphous Stride’s recently launched BusinessDirectors.Network has access to 133 000 Business directors and is designed to do just that.  

BusinessDirectors.Network is part of Amorphous Stride’s Dot Network platform, which features a number of segmented audience data groups that allow you to gain a deep understanding of your audience and build effective campaigns based on those insights.

Creating audiences with common touchpoints means that marketers who use Dot Network already have a refined audience and their messages are guaranteed to reach the best people for them, which makes BusinessDirectors.Network a hugely valuable tool for reaching high-net worth individuals.

Using BusinessDirectors.Network allows advertisers to reach 133 000 Companies and Intellectual Property Commission-verified business leaders with information about premium products and business-to-business solutions.

Dot Network uses sophisticated software to help companies target specific individuals with the right message at the right time. Audiences are defined by demographics, interest areas, online behaviour and legal and live location. These defining parameters mean that messages sent through Dot Network are relevant to audiences and cut through the noise of other advertising. This is particularly important for business directors who have little time for irrelevant or uninteresting messaging that doesn’t appeal to their interests or reach them on a convenient platform.

Understanding an audience is critical for the success of any campaign. With BusinessDirectors.Network, marketing teams get valuable insights about their target audience, like the fact that while they are still predominantly online on mobile devices, business directors tend to have a much higher usage rate of desktop computers than other market segments. This kind of information influences the decisions around where and at what time of day to place digital adverts.

All the Dot Network platforms, including BusinessDirectors.Network, are software based, allowing companies buy space on the most efficient media platform at the optimal price. Media space is bought with real-time bidding, which means that advertisers can get the best rate for their campaigns. Every cent of the media budget works as hard as it can and campaigns are measurable, so they can be refined based on performance.

B2B telecoms case study

In one case study, BusinessDirectors.Network found and targeted an audience of South African business directors with a campaign for a mobile broadband service. It was so successful that from 231 477 impressions, there were 16 264 engagements. The aim of the campaign was to generate awareness of the new broadband products, and this was certainly achieved by targeting business decision makers with influence over the choice of broadband service providers used by their companies.

To reach the right audience with a message, marketers need to be able to understand and apply available consumer data well. BusinessDirectors. Network offers a unique way to reach a very particular and highly influential audience of potential customers that can be engaged with through systematically adapted media buying based on their online location and habits throughout the day.

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