The Lewis Group appoints Jupiter CT to launch its new brand, INspire

The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town was appointed by The Lewis Group at the end of 2017 to launch its new direct-to-consumer homeware brand called INspire. The new brand launched on 1 June 2018, and will see many South Africans turn to catalogue shopping as well as online to decorate their homes.

 Jupiter CT’s Executive Creative Director, Lucas van Vuuren, says: “The Lewis team saw a gap in the homeware market where consumers did not have many options. They wanted to create more than just a typical retail brand, but a brand that also connects with their audience and creates value for them through content, services and a wide range of products.”

Jupiter worked in collaboration with the client and its partners to develop the branding, design the catalogue, write content and produce the launch TVC.

“We judged all our work with strict criteria: Is this inspirational? Does the work touch our audience emotionally? As a new brand in the market, INspire has to work much harder to stand out. The approach had to be different, the catalogue is more than just a product and price listing, it provides inspiration for our audience to add a personal touch to their homes. The launch TV ad isn’t just about what the brand offers, it needs to communicate the brand’s reason for being,” says Lucas.The launch TVC  acknowledges mothers of South Africa who are seldom recognised. In the commercial, INspire tells a story of sacrifice, inspiration and optimism. It shows two sisters who want to thank their mother for her support and sacrifice, by planning a surprise for her – a makeover for her bedroom using INspire’s products.

The Jupiter Drawing Room (CT):

Executive Creative Director: Lucas van Vuuren

Art Director: Andrew Lang

Copywriter: Gerhard Pretorius, Thato Mogale

Managing Director and Strategist: Michelle Beh

Catalogue Content Writer: Luanne Slingerland

Project Manager: Lydia Oberholzer

Producer: Jill Garnham


Production: Ola Films

Director: Meja Shoba

Post-production: Post Office

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