Three years of trendable consumer data now available from the MRF

The Marketing Research Foundation’s (MRF) latest iteration of MAPS™ (Marketing All Product Survey), with fieldwork from July 2022 to June 2023, is now available to marketers and their designated agencies. The latest quarterly release marks three continuous years of insights into consumer behaviour and spending patterns.

“The data, now from over 60 000 unique respondents, over the last three-year period provides a clear view of the changes in product consumption and spending patterns,” says the MRF’s CEO, Johann Koster. “The recovery from recent global events and ongoing economic pressures on consumers are evident in the data.”

It is important to note that normally there would only be four releases of data per annum, but due to the audit conducted this year and the implementation of the findings there is an additional release. 2024 will see the releases return to the normal quarterly cadence.

The fieldwork data from July 2022 to June 2023 is currently available for use to the subscribed marketers and their agencies, there will be a general top-line data industry webinar late January 2024, once everyone is back from the holiday season.

“MAPS is an invaluable strategic marketing tool for today’s dynamic landscape delivering an incredible depth and breadth of data whether looking at year-on-year, seasonal or quarterly shifts in consumer behaviour,” said Koster. “We look forward to sharing the latest insights into the ever-evolving South African consumer with the industry next year.”

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