New video from Road Safety Campaign that went viral in 2017

There is a new video from the road safety campaign that went viral in 2017 that looks set to attract as much attention as its popular predecessor.

Crafted as a Vlogger upload and named to attract the attention of YouTubers who search for this type of content almost daily, as well as probably engage in similar activities, ‘The World’s Biggest Idiot’ draws the viewer in with a performance similar to that of Lance210 but finishes far more tragically than any of his vines.

The World’s Biggest Idiot, was created by FCB Cape Town for its client Western Cape Government’s Safely Home Calendar road safety campaign.

Its intention is to remind mostly younger drivers to guard against distractions when travelling in motor cars or other vehicles.

The commercial was created by Mike Barnwell (Executive Creative Director), Dylan Davies (Art Director) and Alistair Morgan (Copywriter). It was directed by Jason Fialkov.

Safely Home’s #ItCanWait “No Text or Call is Worth Your Life” message last year used a fail video compilation and went viral topping 83 million views worldwide.

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