Miller Lime Launches in South Africa promising a new level of refreshment in the market

Ushering in a new level of excitement and enjoyment in the beer category, offering consumers a refreshing option to invigorate their taste buds, Miller Genuine Draft have added a new addition to the family, with the well-timed introduction of Miller Lime, as we edge closer to a sizzling hot summer and buzzing festive season made better by the same Miller you know, but with a hint of real lime.

Launched this Wednesday, 22 November 2023, at the energised epicentre of entertainment in Northern Johannesburg, The Zone in Rosebank, hosted by YFM radio and tv personality, Lula Modiba, Miller Lime enters the category as the newest brands on the flavoured beer streets, with lime-fuelled aspirations of not only contending but standing out amongst the other kids.

“We are incredibly proud to offer our consumers a new level of refreshment with this offering that boasts exceptional flavours with a hint of Lime without compromising on the quality of our original beer,” says Portfolio Manager of Signal Hill Products, Khotso Mpakanyane.

 He adds that the launch of the product perfectly encapsulates the taste credentials of Miller Lime whilst highlighting and celebrating the flavours and the beverage’s intrinsic properties which speak to fun refreshment – an intrinsic that South Africans are certainly well-versed in.

Working together with our agency partner Mortimer Harvey, we conceptualised what we believe will ignite our consumers by giving them the greenlight to lime up their beer consumption experiences. It’s Lime Time is the campaign messaging platform which speaks to the brand act launch which has seen the creation and development of a series of disruptive sets which were designed to house the ultimate Lime Time stage setting for our content creators and consumers to share their passion and talents.

“South Africa is a melting pot of talent and as a brand we believe in highlighting and heroing this talent in ways that are meaningful and tangible for consumers who have not always been given the stage and platform to do so,” adds Mpakanyane.

Each of these sets were inspired by the Miller Lime brand cues as well as the campaign’s unique pillars, namely: Music, Culture, Street Fashion and Dance. The brand launch was conceptualised to capture a high foot traffic area, capitalising on the space to pique consumers’ interest and naturally draw them in.

Mpakanyane further adds, that the campaign was strengthened by the support and partnership with culturally relevant content creators who represent authenticity and boldness in a world where brand partnerships are easily characterised by over-saturation of familiar faces.

Just like the beverage itself, the new level of refreshment messaging extended itself to the selection of refreshing content creators namely Mam Thug (music); Lebo Homme (culture); Phantom Steeze (dance) and Boogy Maboi (street fashion).

Additionally, It’s Lime Time placed the most culturally relevant and thrilling acts into the limelight, such as Mam Thug, Shamiso, Frigid Armadillo and DJ Kaygo, who provided the night’s entertainment.

It was an unforgettable lime-filled night characterised by immersive and sensorial experiences, an electic dancefloor and pop-up stations attended by Jozi’s most influential and coolest kids on the block.


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