Brands maximise DOOH domination as Springboks Land at OR Tambo

The Springboks have returned to South Africa following a record-breaking victory at the 2023 Men’s Rugby World Cup. When the team landed at OR Tambo International Airport, thousands of fans gathered to welcome the champions home as they made their entrance via the Airport’s International Arrivals terminal. Brands took advantage of the moment by ensuring their visibility on the Airport Ads® Atrium Screens. These large format digital advertising screens provided innovative brand messaging to connect with the elated audience as the local heroes arrived.

As the most central point at the heart of the airport and a constant thoroughfare for passengers arriving and people collecting passengers, the International arrivals terminal is a vital touchpoint for advertisers throughout the year, and it can also be used to leverage the extra traffic brought on by big events – like the recent return of the Springboks.

South Africa’s global heroes and heroines are greeted and celebrated in the Atrium following their international successes. And since September’s launch of Airport Ads’ four large-format digital Atrium screens – each measuring an impressive 40sqm – big brands continue to seize the attention of travellers and visitors to the Airport from the moment they step into the arrivals hall.

Mzi Deliwe, Deputy CEO at Provantage and Head of Airport Ads says, “We recognise that during significant events in the country’s consciousness, brands can take the lead by creating messaging that is relevant in the moment.

“The Rugby World Cup campaign saw brands like Mastercard, Nike, FNB and MTN becoming an integral part of the grand welcome. By harnessing the impact delivered by The Atrium screens, these brands aligned themselves with the celebration and enthusiasm surrounding the Springboks’ victory.”

The Atrium screens, strategically placed within the Arrivals Hall, can be seen across three floors and by passengers going to and from the Gautrain. International passengers departing from Terminal B and domestic passengers on their way to check-in also catch sight of the screens, which have become an integral part of the airport ambience, enhancing the overall passenger experience.

The Atrium is the largest central focal point in Airport Ads’ messaging touchpoints at OR Tambo. Beyond the large-format screens, a strategically-placed omnichannel brand narrative unfolds. The company’s large-format digital Visionet™ offering and Airport.TV® screens complement the brand messaging matrix, creating an immersive journey through the entire Airport – connecting with passengers and visitors at several touchpoints with powerful brand messaging that converges in the Arrivals terminal.

This holistic approach ensures that engagement is not limited to just one location. Deliwe adds, “The Atrium is a captive platform for advertisers due it’s size and visibility, extended dwell times and the substantial foot traffic in the area. The larger-than-life screens, complemented by additional messaging throughout the airport, allow for impactful creative executions, engaging messaging and disruptive visuals.

“Additionally, the platform’s digital capabilities, including flexibility and immediacy,  make execution straightforward, and we are fully equipped to tailor messaging in real-time.”

The bustling “Meeters and Greeters” area is a dynamic visual landscape, enveloping travellers in a curated visual journey with a dwell time of approximately 45 minutes. Deliwe concludes, “The success of the Rugby World Cup campaign highlights the power of digital out-of-home advertising and the opportunity for brands to tap into the national consciousness during significant events. And it doesn’t stop with rugby.

” Being present at the right moment enables brands to make a lasting impact in this high-traffic and high-dwell time environment, where heroes are welcomed home, families reunite and travellers return to home soil.”

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