Digitata Insights partners with MTN Rwanda to launch innovative mobile marketing platform


Digitata Insights, a subsidiary of Digitata Limited, a privately-held multinational technology company that delivers intelligence in the mobile telecommunications and digital media arenas, today announced the launch of the MeMe mobile marketing solution, in partnership with leading mobile network operator MTN Rwanda. The MeMe mobile marketing solution went live Thursday, 18th May 2017.

Digitata Insights’s mobile marketing solution, MeMe, enables new digital marketing channels on the MTN Rwanda mobile network to offer brands, advertisers and digital agencies the ability to “Reach and Engage” with consumers in Rwanda.

MeMe delivers selected brand marketing messages to consumers on their mobile devices through its Reach feature, with the ability to target consumers based on demographics, time of day, and location, in an unobtrusive manner. Meme’s advanced profiling capability ensures that the right person is targeted in order that messages are not viewed as spam.

MeMe offers various engagement options through its Engage feature, including “call me back” messages, surveys, app downloads and voucher offers, as well as customised engagement methods like bespoke gamification campaigns.

The announcement also comes amidst heightened enforcement in Kigali of a 2013 bylaw aimed at regulating outdoor advertising, which requires agencies to modernise existing billboards to improve safety and meet more modern standards with regard to aesthetics and functionality. The launch of Digitata Insights’s MeMe solution therefore provides a modern digital advertising solution, together with the company’s campaign implementation and management services.

Richard Walton, CEO of Digitata Insights, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with MTN Rwanda to introduce our highly effective and impactful mobile marketing solution into the burgeoning Rwandan market. With the local advertising paradigm evolving, and mobile rapidly becoming the most significant channel for mass marketing, our MeMe solution is ideally placed to offer advertisers a new and effective means to reach a vast number of potential customers.”

Gaspard Bayigane, Acting Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Rwanda, adds that “This innovative mobile marketing solution is the first of its kind in Rwanda. The strategic partnership with Digitata Insights will generate more awareness for advertisers, and in turn, drive additional sales and service opportunities through enhanced visibility on the MeMe platform,” he concludes.

 About Digitata Insights

Digitata Insights is a subsidiary of Digitata Limited, a privately-held multinational technology company founded in 2008 with a strong mobile telecommunications and revenue management background. Digitata Insights provides innovative mobile solutions that focus on mobile engagement mechanisms through gamification and other marketing strategies that create extended, emotional and valuable customer engagements with mobile subscribers via USSD-based media and gaming services. Services include the MeMe Mobile Premium Media Channel, an innovative premium media channel and targeted marketing solution that presents selected content and customised brand marketing messages on the mobile devices of subscribers based on certain demographic, location and other value criteria, and the USSD-based multiplayer, highly engaging Mobile Gaming Platform, Game Arcade.

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