Boomtown’s latest creative winter custard campaign for First Choice

Launching on June 5th, the First Choice winter custard campaign created by Boomtown, is set to hit selected stores nationwide.

Everything in life is better when you have someone else by your side, and the campaign uses lyrics from famous songs plays on this, and highlights how First Choice’s rich, creamy custard makes desserts taste better. “The First Choice custard brand is light-hearted and we wanted to have some fun with it,” explains Boomtown Account Manager, Jess Massyn. “We wanted the creative to give the pack some character and personality, and for the consumer to be able to relate to the visual.”

The visual created by Boomtown included a quirky cut-out look and feel that gives a personality and 3D effect to the design. In-store media will encourage consumers to purchase, and at selected stores throughout South Africa there will be interactive experiences, including sampling.

“Just like the summer and Pour Your Heart Out campaigns, First Choice wanted to give back to its consumers,” adds Massyn. “Shoppers who buy any First Choice custard, stand the chance to win R5,000 weekly, or one of the three R15,000 grand cash prizes.,” adds Massyn. “All they need to do is dial * 120 * 5534 # and follow the prompts.”

A bit about Boomtown

At Boomtown, the commitment to growing brands, growing sales and strengthening customer relationships sets this advertising agency apart.

It’s the core focus for each client. From here it uncovers consumer insight and builds the right solution, combining intelligent strategy with original creativity. This commitment is reflected, not only in the agency’s thinking and work, but most importantly in the results it produces and creating possibility for our clients brands.

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