First Choice launches biggest campaign to date

First Choice is launching one of its biggest campaigns yet to take its tagline ‘It’s all good’ to market.

Created by Boomtown and split into three parts, the 12-month campaign begins with a TV commercial, a social media campaign, digital advertising and in-store marketing.

“Currently Woodlands Dairy, the dairy behind First Choice, doesn’t actively promote its operational excellence and continual improvement to become the most admired dairy in Africa,” remarks Jess Massyn, Boomtown Account Manager.  “This campaign aims to put First Choice on the map as a sustainable business that operates under world-class process, and delivers products of an exceptionally high standard.”

The campaign idea is to showcase the brand values and vision.  The campaign launches with a beautifully crafted TV advert that showcases who Woodlands Dairy is. “We shot the advert at the dairy farm of Lex Gutsche, Woodlands Dairy Chairman and CEO, just outside Humansdorp,” explains Massyn. “It artfully shows the dairy process from farm to factory, and that what goes into First Choice dairy products is ‘all good’.”

For people to be intrigued, Boomtown needed to create engagement for the First Choice brand, as well as excitement. “We want people to get involved in doing and feeling good in a fun and genuine way, and to spread this goodness,” adds Massyn. “So we are asking people to dance for 30 seconds and upload their video on the campaign microsite”  First Choice will, in turn, donate nutritious dairy products to Food Forward SA who distribute meals to those less fortunate across SA.

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