Save the Small Agency

Brands and businesses that are built by entrepreneurs or champion entrepreneurship generally, like AB InBev, the Century Property Group, Coca-Cola, EOH, FNB, Nando’s, Primedia and Sorbet to name a few, must step-up to ensure the survival of small agencies during the recession. Failure to do so will lead to the closure of small agencies, reducing […]

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New local paper, The Zululand Mail launches

Local community newspaper, The Zululand Mail, part of the Zululand Observer stable, has been launched in KwaZulu Natal to service the Melmoth, Eshowe and Gingindlovu areas. The paper will be represented by SPARK Media. “The three Zululand towns of Melmoth, eShowe and Gingindlovu form a micro-economic hub with Melmoth and Gingindlovu having both recently acquired […]

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Some Millennials are Managers

by Condriac founding Director, Gary Meyer As Millennials, the demographic cohort born in the early 80’s, we entered the workplace with great gusto and enthusiasm. Our keen interest and childlike excitement in our new and fledgling careers infected our older, more-seasoned colleagues. Perhaps it re-ignited a snuffed-out flame, and was refreshing to see passion and […]

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Riverbed celebrates 10 years of greatness

The first 10 years have been inspiring for Riverbed’s founder and CEO Monalisa Zwambila, who has seen her vision for a black, independent full service creative agency come to fruition. Riverbed has grown to become one of the largest black agencies in the country. “Our 10th birthday is a milestone occasion and while my team […]

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What makes AGENCY SCOPE a success

With the second South African SCOPEN’s AGENCY SCOPE underway, a key element for conducting the most valuable interviews and gleaning information that can change the way agencies and marketers do business is the choosing of the researchers. In order to ensure the highest level of data, Spanish-based independent research company SCOPEN and the Independent Agency […]

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The more you Read the more you Earn

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) says that insights from the Establishment Survey (ES) show that people who read, generally earn around 50% more their non-reading counterparts, across the entire spectrum of society. #ReadToEarn “Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count,” says Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC. According to statistics pulled […]

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