New Debonairs pizza TVC plays up size of New Cram-Decker™

A new television commercial for Debonairs Pizza pays homage to the size and hunger-busting satisfaction delivered by its brand-new pizza innovation, the Cram-Decker™.

The leading quick service restaurant in South Africa’s pizza market, the 26-year-old brand targets a broad audience that spans age and gender; in fact, any social group getting together to enjoy a fun, casual, sharing occasion.

Its newest pizza, the Cram-Decker™, is available in a three-layered chicken or meaty large (30cm) base option with a crust crammed with a cheese-griller sausage.

“The Cram-Decker™ certainly delivers on the ‘amazing’ that Debonairs Pizza puts into every bite, and not only in terms of size. It also takes innovation to the next level,” said Debonairs Pizza Marketing Executive, Toni Joubert.

“A glorious mash-up of two of our consumer favorites – the Triple-Decker® and the Crammed-Crust® – it combines not one, not two but three layers of pizza, with another appetite satisfying component; a cheese-griller crammed crust.

“Our brief to our marketing partner FCB Joburg was to communicate this in a way that highlighted its #PizzaLikeNoOther quality,” she said.

“Without a doubt, the Cram-Decker™ is the answer when you have an army of hungry people to feed,” said FCB Joburg Creative Director, Greg Cameron.

“It’s definitely not a one-man kind of meal, it’s made for sharing. In fact, to finish it, you’ll need a team of people on your side.

“Our creative concept was a tongue-in-cheek riff on the soccer locker room scenario, which shows a coach rallying his team as they face a huge challenge. The audience believes the challenge is an important game, maybe the league final.

“We then reveal the Debonairs Pizza deliveryman arriving with a Cram-Decker™ pizza and the team tucks in. The message is clear – the Cram-Decker™ pizza is so big, you’ll not only need a team to finish it, you’ll need a highly motivated team,” he said.

“The soccer metaphor works so well for Debonairs Pizza,” added Joubert. “Firstly, it’s a team activity, an occasion that resonates with Debonairs Pizza’s target audience. Second, Debonairs Pizza is one of the sponsors of the Varsity Sports Football and Fives Futbol.

“And third, success in football requires heart, pride and teamwork. Getting through the Cram-Decker™ requires the exact same qualities.”

The 30-second TVC was created by FCB Joburg’s creative team of Creative Director Greg Cameron, Art Director Andre Pereira and Copywriter Hilton Mashon.

It broke on all national television stations on August 15 and will run until early November. It was shot in Johannesburg over two days by Lourence Van Rensburg and Ian Difford of 7Films and Hungry Films respectively.Credits:

Client: Famous Brands

Brand: Debonairs Pizza

Marketing Executive: Toni Joubert

Creative agency: FCB Joburg

Executive Business Director: Mogani Naidoo

Account Director: Kefilwe Khanda

Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker

Joint Chief Creative Officer: Ahmed Tilly.

Creative Director: Greg Cameron

Copywriter: Hilton Mashonga

Art director: Andre Pereira

Strategic planner: Stuart Sims and Katherine Anousakis

TV production: Tidimalo Motlhamme

Media planners: Jedd Cokayne – The Media Shop

Production companies: 7Films and Hungry Films

Directors: Lourence Van Rensburg; Ian Difford

Editor: Tessa Ford and Nick Goodwin

Post-production: Tessa Ford Post Production and Fuel Content

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