Ruby and the Powerpals make kids electricity wise

Ruby and the Powerpals is an educational resource designed by Eskom in partnership with branded content specialists Creatrix to teach young children about saving electricity in the most creative way possible through love of reading.

The well-known story collection introduces children aged 5 to 7 to Ruby, a sweet little girl who learns about electricity by interacting with animated appliances in her home environment.

In this third edition of the book and audio collection, Ruby recites her imaginative A-Z to teach her baby brother about the value and convenience of electricity.

This ingenious device will give educators the opportunity to teach the alphabet to their small charges and simultaneously cover key emotional and functional tips in an entertaining and memorable way.

From the first rhyme, in which “A is for  “Always, available, fun, you just flick the switch and the lights will come on” to “Z is for “zero, there’s no more to say, except, electricity sure saves the day,” Ruby’s A-Z of electricity contains twenty six fun-filled lessons.

The catchy refrain and appealing music, directed by Adam Howard of Howard Audio, will put the brand values on the lips and in the minds of young children:

E – Electricity, powering your home,

your fridge, your geyser, your lights and mom’s phone.

Take care of the power and try to be good,

we care for the planet – we think we all should”.

Eskom has developed this programme to underscore our commitment and responsibility to educate customers and school children alike about electricity and the value it adds to their lives.

Ruby and her Powerpals is a creative way to communicate with young children, instilling a lifelong love of reading and a growing awareness of electricity’s power in their lives.

Research that has shown that the earlier important lessons are absorbed by children, the more effectively learning is taken up for life.

Ruby and the Powerpals can be downloaded as individual stories, free, in e-book format at

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