Gaining Momentum through Energised New Campaign

Conceptualised by creative agency House of Brave, Momentum embraces its most valuable asset in distinctive brand drive

Momentum has unveiled its new brand campaign, designed to engage with their market through a message which resonates with individuals and financial advisers alike.

The campaign, conceptualised by creative agency House of Brave, is based on a fundamental shared human truth that in every person’s DNA there is an innate drive and will to succeed and achieve milestones. Essentially: everyone is born with Momentum. It is a force that propels us forward and helps us find ways to overcome the stumbling blocks that may derail us. What makes this campaign even more exciting, is that it leverages the brand’s very name which few businesses are able to do.

“Every individual has this innate desire to achieve milestones. The role of the brand is to help our clients nurture, protect and grow their momentum. We’ve chosen a maverick creative style which is true to the DNA of the brand,” explains Nontokozo Madonsela, Group CMO at MMI Holdings. “This concept is a powerful truth for us as people; it’s what inspires us, motivates us, and gets us back up when we are down.”

Madonsela continues, “As a brand we recognise that people are on their individual journeys. Each person’s idea of success, and their path to that success, is defined by their unique position and needs. As such, we provide flexible, customised and responsive solutions to each person through advice and partnering with them and their financial advisers.”

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